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The William O. Douglas Trail Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation in Yakima, Washington. Its mission is to establish the William O. Douglas Trail as a statewide significant heritage trail that links the City of Yakima to Mount Rainier. The length of the William O. Douglas Trail traverses and symbolizes Washington State's rich cultural heritage, diverse natural landscape, and scenic beauty. All land owned by the Trail Foundation is used exclusively for the conservation of ecological systems, natural resources, and open space, including parklands, for use and enjoyment by the general public.

When William O. Douglas was a child, he nearly died of a childhood illness. To build back the strength in his wasted legs, he started hiking through the sage-covered foothills around his home in Yakima, Washington. The cure worked; and year-by-year he pushed his explorations further into the tangled, rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

"Man can find deep solitude; and under conditions of grandeur that are startling, he can come to know both himself and God."

--William O. Douglas--